Nicholas Productions was founded by Denver Anthony Nicholas, a popular name in the Dance & Theatre fraternity of Chennai. With over a decade of experience and limitless passion, Denver has been involved in and responsible for some of Chennai’s most popular musicals.

Monday, June 27, 2011

8 Funnies on the 8th of July!

Welcome to an Evening of Funny Ones... As the more perceptive of you would have noticed ... this is Hell!!!

And you could expect something on those lines for the opening of our first non-musical production! And this is to add to the gamut of productions that we have staged so far - musicals, music concerts and now voila as promised a play!! Keeping up with the times, we settled in for a series of comedy sketches spread over 90 minutes. Yes, we decided to keep it Short and Stupid!

The evening would feature sketches by Rowan Atkinson - Yes, Mr.Bean!! Which is why our poster also has his caricature to answer all those eyebrows that have been raised once they laid eyes on it! We would also perform 3 vignettes namely, Dogs in the Park, Orient Experience and What Happens Behind the Bar and the sketches would be directed by Denver Anthony Nicholas and Yohan Chacko (MDS).

We would also be belting out some numbers from our upcoming production - "I Wanna be MJ" instead of having awkward silences during scene changes. And the sketches would be staged in the warm and cozy Sivagami Pethachi, Mylapore with the passes being priced at a modest Rs.100 and Rs.200!

We really can't divulge anymore of the evening and considering we were generous enough to reveal the opening lines for the play we hope you do feel kind enough to give us 90 minutes of your time! Oh and we did a bit of experimentation with our poster design so do let us know ur musings...

To block ur passes, call 90941 34945 or 98840 93510.

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