Nicholas Productions was founded by Denver Anthony Nicholas, a popular name in the Dance & Theatre fraternity of Chennai. With over a decade of experience and limitless passion, Denver has been involved in and responsible for some of Chennai’s most popular musicals.

Friday, March 2, 2012

Oscar - A Gangster Comedy!

The last leg of the Big Bang Performing Arts festival would be the stage adaptation of the 1991 movie starring Sylvester Stallone called ‘Oscar’. Set in the 1930’s, this comedy of errors revolves around a mafia boss, who tries to mend his gangster ways after a promise made to his dying father yet is forced to deal with a swindling accountant, a pregnant daughter, two tailors, his maid’s bag of lingerie, a linguistics professor, spying cops, rival gangsters and three bankers.

The play would be directed by Yohan Chacko and Denver Anthony Nicholas and would be staged at Chinmaya Heritage Centre, Harrington Road on March 10th, at 2pm and 7pm.

Proceeds from the festival would be donated to a cancer NGO. Passes are priced at 150/-, 300/- and 500/-.
Online passes are available by clicking the link below and for bookings, call 99626 14196.

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Monday, February 20, 2012

The Big Bang Festival presents RETRO - The Concert

The second leg of The Big Bang Performing Arts Festival opens with a concert night called 'RETRO' - featuring an ensemble of your favorite and most-loved numbers from the 40's, 60's and 80's. We have mashed up few of the top-notch musicians and extremely talented vocalists from the city to belt out some fine music for the city! The concert will also feature a tribute number to the legend - Whitney Houston.

The concert with feature a live orchestra under the helm of Shaun Roberts with Nadisha Thomas as vocal conductor and would feature not only renowned singers but also fresh talent from the city on stage. The concert would be held at YWCA Grounds (not to be confused with YMCA), Purusawalkam on February 25th from 7pm onwards.

Passes are priced at 150/-, 300/- and 500/- and to buy your online passes, click the link below!
For details, call 90941 34945.

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Reviews of the first leg of The Big Bang Festival!

In the midst of preparations for the upcoming productions as part of The Big Bang Festival, we did find time to feel absolutely elated with some of the reviews that have come out in the papers and from the audiences!

Courtesy: Indian Express

Thursday, January 19, 2012

The Big Bang Festival...!

Nicholas Productions is opening the year 2012 with a bang indeed - A month long performing arts festival called 'The Big Bang Festival' that will witness various theatre groups from the city come together under one banner and will showcase 5 shows at the Museum Theatre and 5 shows at Chinmaya Heritage Center that would include a collaborated theatre show by three other theatre groups in the city, a full-fledged live musical (the way it should be done.. all live!), the reputed Loyola Theatre Society’s musical production and a full-length comedy.

The festival presented in association with Rotary Club of Madras – Temple City would open with the Collaborated Theatre Show put together by The Boardwalkers Theatre Foundation by Michael Muthu, ASAP Productions by Amit Singh, Nicholas Productions by Denver Anthony Nicholas and Strayfactory Entd by Mathivanan Rajendran. The show would feature an act of 30 minutes duration by each group – comprising of mimes, short sketches and even one-act musicals – a format of entertainment very new to the city. The shows would be staged on January 27th, 7pm and January 28th, 2pm at the Museum Theatre.

The second performance at the festival would be the Archie the Musical based on the all loved comics! After a gap of 12 years, Archie and gang get back to Riverdale High for a high school reunion and what ensues is a kindling of the old romances, the rivalry between Betty and Veronica, Jughead dealing with fatherhood, Mr.Lodge’s attempts to keep Archie away from Veronica, the fight to save Pop Tates Chocolit Shoppe and more. The musical fused with cult numbers by Aerosmith, Billy Joel, Mr.Biggs and other artists would be supported by a live on-stage orchestra under the music direction of Shaun Roberts, with Nadisha Thomas as vocal conductor, choreography by Raj and directed by Denver Anthony Nicholas. It will be staged at the Museum Theatre on January 28th, 7pm and January 29th, 2pm and 7pm.

We are not going to reveal too much about the next shows in line, just so that you may stay glued to us in the days to come! Block your Calendars peoples!
Passes are priced at Rs.200, Rs.300 and Rs.500 and can either be picked up at Landmark Outlets or can be purchased online by clicking the below links!
So please get off your asses and pick up your passes...!

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Thursday, October 20, 2011

Previews, Reviews, a Concert and more....

We have been quite occupied with winding up a massive musical such as 'I Wanna be MJ' and at the same time handling production and promotion work for the music concert SWING IT, staged in October 2011 at a welcome change of a venue - St.Michael's Academy!

The ambience was a refreshing welcome by all who came for our shows, and we must say that it was a well-received and quiet music concert - a tribute to the legends of Swing era featuring numbers by Dean Martin, Frank Sinatra, Paul Anka and more. Our cast as usual was at their rocking best!! And the review below speaks for itself.. in the Indian Express!


There were several preview and reviews for the earlier musical staged and keeping track of them has been quite a task! But we have managed to link some for your pleasure! Read on...

Below is a link to the preview for our musical 'I Wanna be MJ' staged in September 2011.

Open publication - Free publishing - More lifestyle

Review for the musical on SCORE magazine -


The team is now busy chalking out plans for early 2012 that would include a month long production featuring plays, musicals, short plays and .. yeah thats about it! So keep checking this page to get a sneak into what's up at Nicholas Productions!

Monday, June 27, 2011

8 Funnies on the 8th of July!

Welcome to an Evening of Funny Ones... As the more perceptive of you would have noticed ... this is Hell!!!

And you could expect something on those lines for the opening of our first non-musical production! And this is to add to the gamut of productions that we have staged so far - musicals, music concerts and now voila as promised a play!! Keeping up with the times, we settled in for a series of comedy sketches spread over 90 minutes. Yes, we decided to keep it Short and Stupid!

The evening would feature sketches by Rowan Atkinson - Yes, Mr.Bean!! Which is why our poster also has his caricature to answer all those eyebrows that have been raised once they laid eyes on it! We would also perform 3 vignettes namely, Dogs in the Park, Orient Experience and What Happens Behind the Bar and the sketches would be directed by Denver Anthony Nicholas and Yohan Chacko (MDS).

We would also be belting out some numbers from our upcoming production - "I Wanna be MJ" instead of having awkward silences during scene changes. And the sketches would be staged in the warm and cozy Sivagami Pethachi, Mylapore with the passes being priced at a modest Rs.100 and Rs.200!

We really can't divulge anymore of the evening and considering we were generous enough to reveal the opening lines for the play we hope you do feel kind enough to give us 90 minutes of your time! Oh and we did a bit of experimentation with our poster design so do let us know ur musings...

To block ur passes, call 90941 34945 or 98840 93510.

Thursday, May 12, 2011

What's a-Happenin!

It is a colossal sin to not update our blog for the last 3 months ever since our previous production RENT. To all those who made it to the show, thank you so very much for your time and we sincerely hope that you enjoyed the shows! It was a herculean task staging a production of that proportion in namma Chennai’s Museum Theatre and we’re glad that people took notice of the effort that went into the shows!

Reviewed by Sonali Shenoy, thank you!!http://epaper.expressbuzz.com/NE/NE/2011/02/22/ArticleHtmls/22_02_2011_355_010.shtml?Mode=1

Having said that, the team has been on a much-deserved break after having staged 7 productions in the span of over a year! The team has also been busy planning and prepping up for the next year in terms of budgets (if any!) and future productions. So now that we’ve staged concerts and musicals, we’ve decided to venture into staging plays. In terms of the scale of production, they are way easier than musicals which as you all know, involve tremendous amounts of rehearsals both vocal and acting, and also are quite a dent on the monies! And it is common knowledge how ‘plenty’ we humble theatre groups have of that!! So yes, coming up next from the house of Nicholas Productions is a series of short plays! Not only do short plays allow us to accommodate variety of genres within the limited time frame but also keep the audiences gripped with shorter crisper performances. Watch out this space for more dope on the plays which would be staged towards the end of June at Sivagami Petachi Auditorium!

Concurrently the team has also been quite fascinated with the sudden inspiration of our creative director who has been quite literally caught up in a writing frenzy! Later during the year, we would also be staging a musical inspired by the Legend and Experience – Michael Jackson! The final draft of the script, post several iterations has finally emerged from the far-from-sober wits of our director and would feature some of MJ’s most memorable numbers! And yet again, this would involved live singing and orchestra and the works!! Considering the scale of the musical, we are in the inexhaustible process of hunting sponsors for both the short plays and musical called “I Wanna Be MJ”!! Brace yourself Chennai, for there is some fantabulous theatre coming your way!

Peace & Love!

To Commemorate the King of Pop, a tribute to his musical genius!