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Thursday, May 12, 2011

What's a-Happenin!

It is a colossal sin to not update our blog for the last 3 months ever since our previous production RENT. To all those who made it to the show, thank you so very much for your time and we sincerely hope that you enjoyed the shows! It was a herculean task staging a production of that proportion in namma Chennai’s Museum Theatre and we’re glad that people took notice of the effort that went into the shows!

Reviewed by Sonali Shenoy, thank you!!http://epaper.expressbuzz.com/NE/NE/2011/02/22/ArticleHtmls/22_02_2011_355_010.shtml?Mode=1

Having said that, the team has been on a much-deserved break after having staged 7 productions in the span of over a year! The team has also been busy planning and prepping up for the next year in terms of budgets (if any!) and future productions. So now that we’ve staged concerts and musicals, we’ve decided to venture into staging plays. In terms of the scale of production, they are way easier than musicals which as you all know, involve tremendous amounts of rehearsals both vocal and acting, and also are quite a dent on the monies! And it is common knowledge how ‘plenty’ we humble theatre groups have of that!! So yes, coming up next from the house of Nicholas Productions is a series of short plays! Not only do short plays allow us to accommodate variety of genres within the limited time frame but also keep the audiences gripped with shorter crisper performances. Watch out this space for more dope on the plays which would be staged towards the end of June at Sivagami Petachi Auditorium!

Concurrently the team has also been quite fascinated with the sudden inspiration of our creative director who has been quite literally caught up in a writing frenzy! Later during the year, we would also be staging a musical inspired by the Legend and Experience – Michael Jackson! The final draft of the script, post several iterations has finally emerged from the far-from-sober wits of our director and would feature some of MJ’s most memorable numbers! And yet again, this would involved live singing and orchestra and the works!! Considering the scale of the musical, we are in the inexhaustible process of hunting sponsors for both the short plays and musical called “I Wanna Be MJ”!! Brace yourself Chennai, for there is some fantabulous theatre coming your way!

Peace & Love!

To Commemorate the King of Pop, a tribute to his musical genius!

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