Nicholas Productions was founded by Denver Anthony Nicholas, a popular name in the Dance & Theatre fraternity of Chennai. With over a decade of experience and limitless passion, Denver has been involved in and responsible for some of Chennai’s most popular musicals.

Monday, March 29, 2010

The show was indeed Spectacular Spectacular!!

Moulin Rouge has finally come to an end! And the journey to the end has been quite eventful to say the least. Since November'09, the production team had quite a task on their hands in putting together a huge cast with actors, dancers, choir, and the band ensuring that the various elements would blend perfectly to produce 'magic' on stage! The team as a whole had faced numerous difficulties in terms of last minute drop outs, falling short of dancers, rehearsal schedules going haywire and the shocking and sudden death of the show's producer.

As cliched as this may sound - come what may, the show must go on! Denver and his team did a marvelous job in keeping the morale up and kudos to the fact that the whole show was managed by just 2 people! The first run of the show obviously did have its share of technical faults but the performances were brilliant nevertheless. The Sunday show performances pretty much sealed it for Denver, with almost no technical glitches, perfectly balanced singing, choir & band, and powerful performances that kept the audiences hooked on till the end. And the smiles and cheering from the audience was proof enough that Moulin Rouge was a 'gargantuan bedazzlement and a sensual rrravvishment!' For a first time director, Denver has indeed made heads turn and piqued the interest of many-a-critic!

So has Chennai seen the last of Moulin Rouge? We don't think so!