Nicholas Productions was founded by Denver Anthony Nicholas, a popular name in the Dance & Theatre fraternity of Chennai. With over a decade of experience and limitless passion, Denver has been involved in and responsible for some of Chennai’s most popular musicals.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Two Fairytales Over One Weekend!!!

The first question on everyone's mind when Nicholas Productions declared that it would be staging two musicals back to back over one weekend - Are you guys crazy? Well isn't that what they all say when you are attempting something for the first time ever! Yes, this is indeed the first time in the country that two fairytale musicals with an all-live performance with orchestra on stage would be performed over one weekend. "Beauty & the Beast" and "Cinderella" would be staged during the first weekend of September, in Museum Theatre in Chennai. Rehearsals have already begun full-swing for both productions and while "Beauty & the Beast" would be an adaptation of the Broadway musical, "Cinderella" is a brain-child of Denver, with popular music fused into a stage version of the fairytale.

The production team has set the ball rolling for sponsorship for both the shows; yes, this is definitely high ticket but the team is proud of roping in impressive talent from the fields of music and theatre in Chennai.

We will be posting pictures and videos of the rehearsals and how the musicals are coming along, so watch this space!