Nicholas Productions was founded by Denver Anthony Nicholas, a popular name in the Dance & Theatre fraternity of Chennai. With over a decade of experience and limitless passion, Denver has been involved in and responsible for some of Chennai’s most popular musicals.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Fairytales never end...!

To put up 4 shows, with 2 completely different musicals, a total of 40 songs, live band, a total cast of 40 people to be managed, over 30 different types of costumes for all the shows, different sets for each show, and less than 3 hours to change the entire stage sets and hall designs.... and on top of that with no electricity and everything run on generators throughout the day ... PHEW!!!

Beauty and the Beast and Cinderella opened full house to one of the most supportive audiences who despite the sultry climate and power cuts stayed on till the end of the shows ... and we are immensely grateful for that. The little ones who showed up for the show clearly loved every element of the fairytales with their adorable cheering and hoots and giggles to give us the sense of satisfaction and achievement. And all this was possible only because of the sheer support and cooperation from everyone in the cast and crew, despite having to fumble around backstage in the dark and have costumes and makeup done on stage in the nick of time! It was a beautiful harmony of effort, hard work and faith of each person who was part of this production.

Chennai loved the fairytale weekend and we had a blast performing... Nicholas Productions is coming to you soon with more entertainment.. a musical ... a concert.. maybe both... but for now RENT it is!!!!

(Pictures will be put up soon.. so do watch this space)

Friday, August 13, 2010

Teaser Poster - Fairytale Weekend

To a weekend of drama, pumpkins, fairy godmothers, a beast, soulful music, a glass shoe... above all... magic!